Stella Aching Egesa 

After witnessing the number of children roaming the streets of Western Kenya, many of whom were left behind by relatives who had died of AIDS - related causes, Stella Achieng Egesa decided to start a local orphanage in her home town of Busia, Kenya. Using her own property, the Busia Compassionate Centre was founded in 2000 and became officially registered by the Ministry of Home Affairs in 2007. "My vision is to have improved living standards for the orphans and vulnerable children, and empower them to be able to develop educationally and use their talents to meet their foremost needs for self reliance in the community," said Stella, who today acts as the project manager.

Florence Anyango 

Florence is a volunteer at the Busia Compassionate Centre. She assists Everlyne in her daily tasks. Cooking, doing laundry, bathing the orphans, and helping keep the facilities tidy are some of her responsibilities.

Bernadette Malboa 

Bernadette is a volunteer at the Busia Compassionate Centre. Her responsibilities include taking the children to school for admissions and registration. She also ensures that the children are receiving a quality education, plans some of the curriculum, and provides snacks in the classroom. She enjoys the fact that volunteering keeps her busy.

Meshak Miyaki 

​Helping as a volunteer at the Busia Compassionate Centre, Meshack acts as the staff accountant.

Margaret Nafula 

Originally an orphan who was supported by the orphanage for her schooling, Margaret now works as a volunteer at the Busia Compassionate Center. Her daily tasks include preparing food, washing clothes, making sure the children go to school, and cleaning the orphanage.

Everlyne Odongo 

Everlyne volunteers at the Busia Compassionate Centre. Much of her time goes to cooking the meals. She also helps with laundry, bathes the children, and cleans the facilities.

Damian Omondi 

Damian volunteers at the Busia Compassionate Centre. He spent the majority of his career as a government teacher. He has since retired and now volunteer teaches. Some of his other tasks include leading evening prayers, helping with homework, getting the children ready for bed, and waking them up in the morning.

Christopher Orodi 

Christopher is a volunteer at the Busia Compassionate Centre. He helps with the gathering of fire wood and farming.

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