Welcome to the Busia Compassionate Centre

In Kenya, more than one-million children have lost one or both parents due to the AIDS epidemic. Many are orphaned and struggle with no one to care for them. For well over the last decade, the Busia Compassionate Centre, an orphanage in rural western Kenya, has offered hope to orphans and foster children who face extreme poverty and limited resources. Their orphanage facility is funded by the global credit union movement and we continue to work on projects in the Spring of 2018 and beyond.

2018 Update

The World Council of Credit Unions and Worldwide Foundation volunteers this spring are planting gardens including bananas and other fruit trees, improving the orphanage kitchen and play areas and many other projects that provide the love and care needed to give the children food security, a safe home and a sense of family and financial inclusion – many for the first time in their lives.

We need your help as the orphanage works toward sustainability. Consider making a donation to the children of Busia by clicking the Donate button at the top of this page. Click today to change lives

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Worldwide Foundation
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